A partition between the entities of Israel and Palestine, regionally located in between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea resulted from failed state-building programs, countless UN negotiations, international summits, and failed peace plans. Efforts have not effectively led to the settling of sovereign claims over the land. The considerable dominant nation state of Israel, advantageous militarily and resourcefully, is up against a group of displaced, exiled Palestinians. West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and Gaza are places seized by the Israeli military since 1967. Israeli occupation limits Palestinians civil, political, and economic rights. Systemic discrimination and denial of basic freedoms are enforced by virtue of being the dominant entity. Israel’s establishment in the formal Palestine was embarked by negotiations made post WWII as a creation of a Jewish Homeland. Great Britain maintained colonial governing over the then state of Palestine (1948), and opposed the creation of an entirely Jewish immigration reform so not to disrupt Arab relations with the Palestinian majority. It held vital political and economic interests with Palestine, and regionally the population is majority Arab. Concerns for reactions were underestimated, but held to prove discontent. While the US pushed for the creation of Israel under Truman’s administration,in 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 (also known as the Partition Resolution) that divided both states. Resistance from the Palestinians began as 100,000 displaced people began to fill in the idea for a Jewish State. Issues of sovereignty and legitimacy as well as questions of religious significance surrounding Jerusalem are administered by the United Nations.

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Current State:

     Israelis and Palestinians project discontent through various demonstrations, attacks, and other violent and forceful methods. Citizens have taken it upon themselves to act when diplomatic measures are not favorable. In the meantime, the Middle East has been heavily influenced by authoritarianism and terror groups like al-Qaida and ISIS. This has brought support from powerful countries to redirect energy and resources toward Iraq and Afghanistan. The Arab Spring revolts in 2011 shifted world attention away from Palestine. Some Arab regimes found alliance with Israel more so than with Palestine. Options are mostly polarized among states, as most legitimize the state of Israel and recognize Palestine as a stateless nation of people. The stateless nation defines the identity of a Palestinian, with culture distinct to them but without an inhabitable collective diplomacy, or under a government with borders of its land. The Human Rights Watch extension of the United Nations oversees the action. Palestinian Authority and Hamas arrest activists who criticize leaders, security forces, or policies, and many face alleged torture in detention, raising concern for human rights compliance. Human Rights have been violated by measures taken diplomatically and by activists and civilians. The violence seems never ending as the border fence is heavily patrolled and Israeli authorities have considered it the “no-go” zone, because Israeli soldiers fire at those who enter it. They continued to shoot at the Palestinians inside the imposed “no-go” zone. The sea use is controlled, as Israeli imposed a six mile limit restriction on fishermen inside Gaza’s northern and eastern borders. The restricted access has been defended as to prevent weapons from being smuggled and restrict the no-go access, and prevent cross-border attacks.


     Solutions are still questioned and proposed, compromise and efforts toward it have worsened through the years. Central concerns include “promotion of democracy, human rights, freedom of the press, and non-violence among Palestinians, and peaceful coexistence and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.” Many powerful United Nations member states including Canada and the United States have failed to recognize Palestine as sovereign. As an option, a two-state solution has been discussed. In order for it to be effective, it would have to be a fair and lasting peaceful compromise, which does not seem viable given the excessive lengths gone to destruct each other. Essentially, for Palestine to move forward it would have to end terrorism against Israel, recognizing their right to exist as they were granted the liberty. Israel in turn must end targeted killings, end settlements on Palestinian land while protecting their homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Both sides hold heavy responsibility that may only be achieved as long as they’re held accountable. If a third party/embassy were to hold them accountable equally, as in both legitimized, it would most likely help with the process of building and sustaining two nations. As of 2016, approximately 70% of Gaza’s population of a cumulative 1.9 million relied on humanitarian assistance. Israel’s closure of the Gaza strip limited movement of people and of goods. The consequences are continued for the civilians in manifestation of separating families, restricting medicare access, and educational and economic opportunities are limited. The perpetuated unemployment and poverty has drawn international intervention, international actors seek to provide military aid, mostly to Israel. In 2016, the United States provided $3.1 in military aid to Israel and an opposed $400 million to Palestinian security forces. Though Trump has somewhat moderated his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, shifting from the Israel support vowed through the 2016 campaign, a set signed 10 year $38 billion military aid deal was signed by the US and Israel.  

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